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Suitable for wide range of applications


Flexibility in installation
1 - Fabricated sheet steel housing as leg, with compatible dimensions for optimum utilization of space.
2 - Standard accessories, e.g., flange cover, gaskets, equipment plates and aluminum busbar links, for quick bolting.
3 - Choice of direct floor-mounting (free-standing with door at front or rear, or againts-the-wall) or wall mounting.
4 - Cable entry from bottom/top.
5 - Easy extensibility on both sides and top/bottom at site.
6 - Optional canopy, double doors and plexiglass for outdoor installation.
7 - Vibration-proof execution upon enquiry.


Versatility in application
1 - Power Control Centers
2 - Motor Control Centers
3 - Sugar Centrifuge Control Panels
4 - Process Control Panels
5 - Lighting Distribution Boards
6 - AC/DC Power Distribution Boards
7 - Relay & Control Panels
8 - DC Motor Control Panels
9 - Machine Tool Control Panels
10 - Capacitor Panels
11 - Crane Control Panels
12 - Compressor Control Panels
13 - Instrument Panels
14 - Bus ducts with aluminum & copper conductor


Quality Checks
From the first step of receiving inputs up to final inspection of fully assembled panel strict quality checks are carried out by qualified and experienced technical hands using the necessary instrument, standard samples, etc.
1 - structure & surface coating
2 - switchgear
3 - fuse gear
4 - Ai/Cu. flats for bus bars
5 - analog & digital meters, relays
6 - wires
7 - consumables
8 - packing material


More than just a control panel
Strong engineering support from full-fledged technical departments.
Fabrication, assembly, wiring and testing at CNES ‘s newly built works.
Strict adherence to international and internal norms, ensuring trouble-free performance of equipment
1 - orderly layout
2 - adequate conductor sizing
3 - safe clearance and creepages
4 - systematic wire routing
5 - latest process for sheet steel pre-treatment and store enameled. epoxy resin-based paint.

Key Features of SMDB
1 - Ready –to-use solution for power distribution
2 - Modular construction and compact design provide economy of space, installation time and cost
3 - Fully enclosed tin-plated copper buster provides increased safety
4 - Safer as all devices are located behind a lockable door and front shield to prevent unauthorized access
5 - Generous cabling area throughout the range. Compact MCCB design ensures maximum cabling area within the enclosures
6 - Removable top & bottom gland plates make drilling & access easier. It allows fitting of additional items such as top and bottom extension boxes and metering panels
7 - External and internal earthing points are provided
8 - Metering options available


Static VAR compensator is key to improving ARC FURNACE economy .An Electric ARC FURNACE requires a stable and steady power supply for Optimum performance .A SVC can instantaneously compensate random and highly fluctuating reactive power which is an characteristic of Arc Furnace load. This results into overall improvement in Arc Furnace utilization and thus better Economy.

APFC panel has Microprocessor based programmable controller which switches capacitor bank of suitable capacity automatically to maintain PF 099 (lag) at Receiving end at your plant .

  Static Frequency Converter panel for Electrical Furnaces. Same is used for converting Mains frequency AC power to equivalent AC power at required frequency which can be medium or high frequency. Such SFC panels are used in foundries & steel plants for their one of the equipment like Induction melting furnaces.
  We also build specifically engineered control desk, control panels and instruments panels for Electric ARC melting and Ladle refining furnaces.
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